Meet the Farmers

The idea for Radical Roots Farm began in 2012 when Ryan and Alycia decided they had to do something to keep their newborn daughter, Maia, healthy. The store bought stuff just didn't cut it anymore. The ingredients in mainstream "food" were too questionable to put into her body. They decided to grow their own. 

As time went by and Kelton was born, they moved to Canterbury, CT from Rhode Island to really make things happen. They started by planting a small orchard, berry patches, and researching heritage livestock to determine the best breeds for the area.

By the time Arlo was welcomed into the world, they had acquired many different heritage breeds with the focus being on quality and nutrition, as well as humane treatment of the animals they raise for meat production. Ezra is the newest addition to the family and with him comes a massive expansion for the farm! Stay tuned...

"Radical Roots" is the term they came up with to express that they raise their animals in a different way than most. They practice low-input regenerative farming - without the use of harmful pesticides, GMOs, and unnecessary hormones. They go back to the "roots" by raising heritage livestock, focusing on quality and flavor, rather than fast-growing, flavorless meats. They are very much stewards of the land, instead of depleting nutrients they are constantly focused on improving the land they utilize. For more, click the link below.