We are currently raising all heritage breeds of livestock and can be found on the Livestock Conservancy's list of Endangered Breeds. We have spent years researching the best breeds for our location. We have hand selected every animal here on our farm based upon the breeds hardiness, genetics, nutrient density, flavor, and valueable breeding qualities. It is our priority to create our own ecosystem that takes care of itself with as little intervention as possible.


Each animal we have has amazing maternal instincts, ease of birthing, foraging abilities, and are overall weather hardy for our crazy New England weather. The breeds we raise here are: Highland and Lincoln Red Cattle, Mulefoot and Mangalitsa Hogs, and Narragansett Turkeys. Our egg laying and meat chickens are a variety of heritage breeds but also include Cornish X broilers and Black Rangers for size.

We utilize many different regenerative farming techniques here at Radical Roots Farm such as cover crops, composting (with bugs, fungus, etc. to speed up the process - we love bugs!), pasture/woodlot rotation for livestock, companion planting, etc. We farm this way because it is the most natural and beneficial to our environment. As farmers, we are here to nurture and improve the quality of the land they are on, not to deplete it. In return we get great gifts from the Earth in the form of delicious, nutrient dense food for our family and yours! 


We guarantee all of our animals are raised without the use of harmful chemicals and their meals of bugs, fruits, and vegetables are supplemented with GMO free grain from a local feed mill. If you have any questions about our farming practices do not hesitate to contact us



Located in Canterbury, CT - serving all of New England


Photos by

Lisa Nichols of Bread and Beast Food Photography

& Kate Lussier Photography

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