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Our chickens come whole, processed and packaged within our facility. Our chickens are free range, non-GMO supplemented, woodlot/pasture raised for their entire lives.


*Please note there may be a waiting period to allow time to grow them but we will post the amount available when we have them. These will only be available beginning in May 2019.


Bulk Chicken Bundle

10 whole chickens (4-5 lbs ea.)

$200 ($50 deposit*)


Chicken Mega Pack

25 whole chickens (4-5 lbs ea.)

$475 ($100 deposit*)


*Non-refundable deposit with remaining balance due upon pickup. The reason for the deposit is so that we can be sure your birds will be picked up when ready. We cannot store bulk orders of whole chickens but will have a pickup range for you when your order is placed. You are responsible for scheduling the date and time.

BULK Chicken Deposit