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family owned, woman and veteran operated

Ryan's deployment to Afghanistan and the inability to get pregnant sent us searching for a healthy lifestyle change. We quickly discovered ridding our lives of chemicals and nourishing our bodies to be the answer.

We started gardening and learning everything we could about the best possible growing practices. After a few years of successful harvests in our apartments and two kids later, we landed in Canterbury, CT.

Our intention of raising animals did not start with feeding people outside of our home. It was only after processing our first home-raised Mulefoot hogs did we realize that more people needed to try not just real food, but real GOOD food.

Turkeys, chickens, and goats turned into sheep, hogs, and cattle....

Two children on four acres turned into four children on 87! We cannot wait to see where we are in the next five years... I hope you will join us on this journey.


"Radical Roots" is the term they came up with to express that they raise their animals in a different way than most. They practice low-input regenerative farming - without the use of harmful pesticides, GMOs, and unnecessary hormones. They go back to the "roots" by raising heritage livestock, focusing on quality and flavor, rather than fast-growing, flavorless meats. They are very much stewards of the land, instead of depleting nutrients they are constantly focused on improving the land they utilize.



We always raise heritage breeds of livestock and most can be found on the Livestock Conservancy's list of Endangered Breeds. We have spent years researching the best breeds for our location. We have hand selected every animal here on our farm based upon hardiness, genetics, nutrient density, flavor, and valuable breeding qualities. It is our priority to create our own ecosystem that takes care of itself with as little intervention as possible.


Our main cattle breeds are Lincoln Red and Scottish Highland, while our hogs are comprised of Registered Mulefoot and Red Wattle. We do have other breeds that we are trying out for future business ventures.

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