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Whole Hog (Mulefoot) Deposit
  • $6.50/lb. hanging weight for a whole Mulefoot hog. Note: We do not sell our pure Mangalitsa's, crosses available upon request only and on a limited basis.


    $150 deposit required upon reserving a whole hog.


    Our hogs usually hang between 160 and 225 lbs. Amount of pork you bring home will vary based upon your cut selection. If you utilize everything, nose to tail, you will get much more meat out of your order.


    You can find your own processor or use ours (Maurice's Slaughterhouse in Canterbury- $60 slaughter fee, .85c/lb cut and wrap, plus extra for smoking, sausage, etc). Processor will tell us hanging weight, you send us our payment, you meet them and get your order custom cut, and pay them the processing fees.

    Whole Hog (Mulefoot) Deposit

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